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3D Bioprinting

Alia Research Laboratory aims to pioneer at the development of simple and effective methods to fabricate novel 3D scaffolds for tissue and organ biofabrication. These scaffolds possess highly uniform and tightly controlled spherical pores, which can be used as generic platforms for generating functional tissue substitutes. The scaffolds made of biocompatible/biodegradable materials that could modulate neovessel formation, promote osteogenesis by inclusion of mineral nanoparticles, and regenerate skeletal muscles, through precise control over the pore properties of the scaffolds. Similar researches are being investigated for cardiac and skin scaffolds .


Alia Research Laboratory is especially focused on novel 3D bioprinter devices that utilize stereolithography and microextrusion techniques.

Our recent focus in this area has shifted towards 3D bioprinting and hydrogel microengineering for spatiotemporally controlled fabrication of biomimetic tissues and tissue models. We have further innovated minimally invasive techniques to facilitate cell delivery.

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