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Biomedical Devices

Research & Development for biomedical devices has grave importance at Alia Research Laboratory.  As one of the first biomedical engineers of Turkey, Dr. Akpek gave strategic importance for almost all types of biomedical devices from medical textiles to artificial organs as presented below.


Except for Alia Research Laboratory, there is probably no research laboratory in Turkey has enough infrastructure or experience to research in almost all types of biomedical devices.

Therefore, if you are an ambitious engineer who wishes to R&D on medical devices, Alia Research Laboratory will be the best place for that.


Some of the biomedical devices that are improved and fabricated at Alia Research Laboratory is presented below,


  • Remote Control Operating Centrifuge with MATLAB and ARDUNIO

  • Segmentation Studies in X-Ray Images to Easify Bone Fractures

  • Autoclave Simulation Using MATLAB/SIMULINK

  • A New Design of Insulin Pen for Diabetus Mellitus Patients With Loss of Sight or Handicapped

  • Noise Measurement in Infant Incubator

  • A New Design for a 3D Printer

  • A New  Generation Bionic Hand

  • A  New Design for a Low Cost and High Effective Phototherapy Device

  • A Design of an Ultrasonic Goggle for Visually Impaired People 

  • Obstruction, Noise Analysis and New Designs of Mechanical Heart Valves

  • A Low Cost Electromechanical Dose Measurement Unit for the Calibration of Radioteraphy Devices

  • New Approaches in Pneumatic Tube Transport Systems

  • A New Design for a Rhythm Holter

  • A New Design for an Ultrasonic Nebulizer


Ion Implantation
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Ion implanted Medical Textile

Ag implated medical textiles provides antibacterial efficiency againist almost all types of hospital infections including MRSA

SEM images of Ion implanted medical textiles

a) Cotton b) Polyester

Heart Assist Device Surgery
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Heart Assist Device Surgery (Animal Tests)

Dr. Akpek is checking the vitals of the cattle after surgery 

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