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Alia Lab member has graduated

Ahmet Akif Kızılkurtlu has graduated with a Biotechnology M.Sc degree from Alia Lab.


29 Jan 2020





If you are interested in our projects please contact Dr. Ali AKPEK

Due to the strict nature of tissue engineering and medical device fabrication, only integrated doctorate students and doctorate students are accepted for Alia Lab. Unless extreme capabilities are presented master students will not be accepted. In order to apply Alia Lab, over 3.0/4.0 GPA obtained either from undergrad or masters program, over 80.0/100.0 ALES and over 65.0/100.0 YDS (or equivalent) are required. 

Alia Lab is an engineering laboratory famous with industrially applicable medical products. Therefore, it is MANDATORY for ALL students to obtain necessary fundings from TUBITAK ARDEB 1002, TUBITAK TEYDEB 1512, KOSGEB or Angel Investors. That is not an easy process. Please check before applications. 

No students will be accepted without face to face interview. Therefore do not apply for Alia Lab if you are not invited for an interview.

Alia Research Laboratory always looks for outstanding and exceptional undergraduate researchers. Dr. Akpek is extremely interested in undergraduate research, therefore do not hesitate for contacting about possible applications.

Unfortunately, we are not accepting internship students right now due to confidentially agreements with several companies.

  • Candidates with background in microfluidics, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, bioengineering, electronics, mechatronics, computer science, materials science and molecular biology & genetics are preferred.

  • High motivation is the key factor. Alia Research Laboratory always welcomes researchers who wish to join our team. However, it is not possible for any researcher in any level to complete & graduate from any program of our laboratory unless they present serious effort.

  • Therefore, if you believe that you may create an impact on the world, this is the laboratory you should apply. Otherwise, please do not waste your years for nothing.



Alia Research Laboratory appeared in media several times. Some of the few examples are presented below. Much more might be found online.

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Dr. Ali AKPEK is a consultant of a student group called as Red Apple Society. Until today, the group has built several libraries and donated thousands of books all around Anatolia.  Unfortunately, the group is not active right now due to the busy schedule of Dr. Akpek. It is his and his students dream to organize a nationwide foundation that assists talented young scientists to get the education they deserve. 



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